Meat processing company-1
Meat processing company-2
Meat processing company-3
Chicken processing company
Korean dessert factory
Cleaning of stairs at a bakery factory

Fish processing company

Defrosting and jet cleaning of gas station brushes
Water jet cleaning at a gas station-1
Water jet cleaning at a gas station-2
Car wash-1
Car wash-2
Foot-and-mouth disease control-1
Foot-and-mouth disease control-2
Foot-and-mouth disease control-3
Installation at a food factory
Bus company-1
Bus company-2
Automation line at a food company
Snow removal
Cleaning of gas tank for intra-city buses
Cleaning of bean curd food automation line
Cleaning of truck
Passenger car-1
Passenger car-2
Passenger car-3

Auto food line

400 bar mold cleaning (400-4)

Cleaning of bean curd machine
Cleaning work of a pharmaceutical company
Cleaning of passenger car
Bubble car wash at a car wash
Bubble cleaning at a food factory
500 bar ultra water jet cleaning of iron materials(500-4)
Cleaning of buses for Buseong Passenger
Cleaning of forklift with ECH928-3
Water jet cleaner at a food factory[921-3]
  Photographs for delivered products
Option-product with detergent-1 Option-product with detergent-2 Option-product with detergent-3
Foot-and-mouth disease control Installation at a food factory 119 Safety Center at Fire Station
Delivery to Yongin Fire Service Academy Delivery to 119 Safety Centers in Yesan, Seongnam and Icheon (sold through Korea Online E-Procurement System) Bubble car wash at a car wash
Bubble wash at a food factory Ultra water jet cleaner ECH500-4
  Participation at exhibitions in 2009~2013
  Catalog of cold and hot water jet cleaner with
    electrical heating method
 1. Since the heater part can be used semi-permanently, there is no maintenance expense required.
      (The heater part is warranted for 3 years)

 2. Fuel tank is unnecessary as oil fuel is not used. (Convenient indoor use)
 3. It is environment-friendly and offers simple installation.
 4. Hot water comes out 10 seconds after starting the product.
 5. Fuel cost of instantaneous electrical heating method is reduced by 70% compared to oil.
 6. Auto motor ON/OFF device
     - When the spray work is stopped, the motor stops after 5 seconds instead of stopping immediately.
      Bypass work is done for 5 seconds to protect durability of the motor and magnetic switch.

7.  The product has low weight and small volume.  
 8. As lifetime of hot water heating device is semi-permanent, the product involves almost no maintenance expense
      compared to existing fuel-type cleaners.
 9. Digital temperature controller is convenient for use as it displays temperature in numbers.
10. The product is attached with a heating device for frost prevention during winter season.
11. The machine is simple to operate and easy to manage.
12. High temperature (70°C at room temperature) is continuously maintained when hot water is used.
  Product Specifications        
"SH-ECH 997-2, SH-ECH 921-2
(These models can only use 3-phase 380V*10KW power.)
Refer sto the specifications for other models.
Category Model Pressure
Heater Capacity
Motor Capacity (Horsepower) Temperature
Size (mm)
Length x Width x Height
Ultra-large SH-ECH 500-4 500 15 39(90A) 20 0~80 215 780X610X875
SH-ECH 400-4 400 15 39(75A) 15 0~80 210 780X610X875
Large SH-ECH 928-3 275 15 30(60A) 10 0~80 190 750X500X790
SH-ECH 928-4 275 15 39(75A) 10 0~85 190 750X500X790
SH-ECH 921-3 200 15 30(60A) 7.5 0~80 180 750X500X790
SH-ECH 921-4 200 15 39(75A) 7.5 0~85 165 750X500X790
SH-ECH 921-2 200 15 26(50A) 7.5 0~80 165 750X450X790
Medium SH-ECH 997-2 160 13 26(50A) 5 0~80 120 750X450X750
  Basic components
 High pressure discharge hose, 1/4*15m - 1EA
 Spray gun, 1m - 1EA
 Spray nozzle - 1EA
 Water supply hose 16Ø * 5m - 1EA
 Name :
- Manual high pressure hose reel, 25m / 30m / 35m / 40m /
  45m / 50m, etc.
- Manual high pressure hose reel for cars, 30m / 35m / 40m /
  45m / 50m, etc.
  Places of use  (hot water jet cleaner with electrical heating method needed for HACCP certification)
Meat processing companies, food processing companies, sausage factories, sweet and sour pork factories, sealed places (underground, underground shopping centers, factories, etc.),, rice cake factories, Kimchi factories, restaurants, marine product processing companies, Korean dessert processing companies, bakery processing companies, plastic box cleaning, war wash, repair shops, railway offices, POSCO, car wash at gas stations, cosmetics companies, pharmaceutical companies, etc.
  Specifications  SH-ECH972-1 (This model can be used with 3-phase 380V 6KW(25A).) Refer to the specifications for other models
Model Pressure
Heater Capacity
Motor Capacity
Size (mm)
Length x Width x Height
SH-ECH972-1 80 6 15 (25A) 2 0~70 69 420X650X600
  Basic components
 High pressure hose : 10 m- 1개
 Spray gun : 40 Cm- 1개
 Water supply hose : 10 m- 1개
         Compact size of the machine offers convenience of use in narrow space.
  Places of use
        Medium and large sized restaurants / hotel kitchens / school cafeteria / refectories /
        meat and butcher's shops / cleaning of small and medium sized goods, other cleanings
  Introduction of hot water jet cleaner with electrical heating method
Introduction of hot water jet cleaner with electrical heating method
The "electrical water jet cleaner", developed and registered with a patent (20-0434089) based on experiences and know-hows accumulated for 50 years since foundation of the company, returns over 70% of economic benefits to customers with consideration on rapidly rising oil prices. Also, the "electrical water jet cleaner" is a cutting-edge environment-friendly water jet cleaner with light weight for easy handling that completely resolved removed concerns about noise, dust and pollution in sealed places.
Item Burner Method - Diesel Electric Method - General (A)
Consumption (per hour) 5.7L/hour 10kWh
Unit price (5.7L x @1,287 KRW) 7,336 KRW (10kWh X @70KRW) 700KRW
5 hours / day 36,680KRW 3,500KRW
25 days / month 917,000KRW 87,500KRW
4 months / year (winter: November ~ February) 3,668,000KRW 350,000KRW
3 years (12 months of winter) 11,004,000KRW 1,050,000KRW
Price under general (A) is applied for electricity supplied at general car wash stations. (Refer to KEPCO website)
In terms of technology, MICOM circuit is internalized in the body to control all operating parts using electronic system (attached with an auto motor ON/OFF device), exhibiting accurate and stable performance.
If the spray gun is not used for certain time, heater power of the cleaner is automatically shut off to prevent
needless waste of energy.
Hot water (up to 70°C) momentarily (for about 15 seconds) generated by high efficiency heater will satisfy
your expectations, and temperature shows almost no change from continued use.
Since the heater part can be used semi-permanently, there is no maintenance expense required.
(The heater part is warranted for 3 years)

Real-time information such as pump pressure of discharge and temperature of hot water displayed on
the side of the product offers convenience for users.
Unlike existing products that use fossil fuel, our cleaners do not show miscellaneous failures from
depletion of fuel. Light weight of products achieved by removal of boiler coil and fuel tank allows
for ease of transportation and installation. Especially, they can be installed in sealed places as
they do not create smoke. Also, they are free from fossil fuel and can cleanly maintain the
surrounding environment.
Feel free to contact us and set a schedule for demonstration of the machine.

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